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Bandage Orthopaedic Cast Padding

Bandage Orthopaedic Cast Padding Manufacturers in India

Bandage Orthopaedic Cast Padding

Product Code : BSD-0045-0002


Product Information

Orthopaedic cast paddings made from natural or synthetic nonwoven fabrics with no added optical whitening agents protect the skin and prevent swelling.

Nonwoven cast padding made from viscose fibres brings comfort to the patient while plastered. Cast padding prevents sores and irritation caused by pressure points inside the cast.

It conforms well to any contour and keeps the skin comfortable and dry. A cast padding can also be used as a leg roll, a long sponge, etc.

The cast padding provides excellent skin tolerance.

Conforms perfectly to your body contours, allowing easy movement

Between the skin and the plaster, it acts as a cushion.

The chances of pressure sores occurring in your body are reduced.

Padding allows the skin to breathe normally.

It absorbs sweat and exudates.

Cast padding is permeable to air, preventing skin irritation and maceration.



10 cm x 3 m

15 cm x 3 m

5 cm x 2 m

15 cm x 1m

15 cm x 2 m


Customized sizes can be supplied. MOQ will be applicable.

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