ISO9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, GMP and CE

Medilivescare Manufacturing is a trusted name in India for Disposable Medical Devices, Hospital Uniforms and Safety Wear & Medical Bandages and Surgical Dressings.

• Quality Certification:

Having successfully achieved ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 & CE certifications, the company works in accordance with all international standards.

• OEM and Contractual Manufacturing Specialists:

The company offers OEM service on many items, which gives customers a choice to sell the products with their own brand name. MOQ is a another major concern for most of the companies, but Medilivescare accommodates low quantity requirements and ensures stress-free executions of projects for all the customers dealing with us.

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• Superior Quality & Competitive Pricing:

Medilivescare is committed to deliver quality products without any compromise. Quality is checked at various stages during execution of an order. The process includes raw materials checking on receipt, production and post production while getting released for packing and labelling. Along with quality, better pricing is ensured to make the procurement from Medilivescare affordable and long lasting.

• Packaging & Labelling:

Packing, Kitting, Labelling, Wrapping, Strapping and Palletization can be done as per project requirements. Generally 5 or 7 ply corrugated boxes are used for packing, which are sufficient to avoid any damage during transportation & handling. Pallet boxes can also be used as per customer choice to ensure safety of products during transit. Corners/Angle boards are used while palletizing the goods to make the packages stronger as per customer requirement to prevent damage and support stacking of one pallet on another. It is also helpful to utilize maximum space in the containers, which results in reduction of transportation cost.

• Led by a team that has more than two decades of experience:

The Company is led by a team that has more than two decades of experience in serving medical industry, international customers and organizations. Association with world known European names from previous places have strengthened the ability to understand the expectations of international projects, organizations and customers.

• Export to various African, Middle East, European & Asian countries:

Medilivescare exports products to many African, Middle East and Asian countries directly and through gents/distributors. The company always encourages new customers from any place of the world to become a part in this growing industry for mutual benefits.

• Using trusted & competitive freight forwarding partners for deliveries by Road, Rail, Air and Sea:

Medilivescare Manufacturing is committed to deliver the goods within the agreed delivery time. Deliveries are available on FCA/FOB, CIF / C&F terms or as per project requirements by Air/Sea. The company uses most trusted, reliable and economical freight forwarding partners to ensure the delivery on time with reasonable solution.