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Cotton Elastic Bandage

Cotton Elastic Bandage Manufacturers in India

Cotton Elastic Bandage

Product Code : BSD-0060-0002


Product Information

Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P.

Cotton crepe bandages with fast edges. Distinct crepe characteristic through non-elastic 100% cotton warp threads.
The special Z & S knitting provides 100% extensibility.
Bandages can be washed in warm water to restore elasticity, making them reusable.
The flexibility of muscles and joints is not hindered.
It allows the skin to breathe normally.
Better elasticity, controlled, uniform, and smooth pressure.
Metal clips are specially designed to provide firm support.
Ideal for pressure dressings and skin grafts.
This can be used for sprains, aches, dislocations, painful joints, veins, cramps, and injuries to the skin.
Very useful as a light compression bandage for muscular support.

Colour: Flesh colour

With or without centre line.

Available sizes:

5 Cm X 4 Mtrs.

6 cm x 4 Mtrs.

6 cm x 5 Mtrs.

7.5 Cm X 4 Mtrs.

8cm x 4 Mtrs.

10 Cm X 4 Mtrs.

12 cm x 4 Mtrs.

15 Cm X 4 Mtrs.

Stretched Length.

Customized sizes are also available against specific requests. MOQ will be applicable.

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