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Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Elastic Adhesive Bandage Manufacturers in India

Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Product Code : BSD-0039-0002

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    Elastic Adhesive Bandage, B.P. (Fast Edge)

    Fast edges woven into the fabric provide good aesthetic appeal.

    A high degree of elasticity and porosity.

    Porosity allows air and vapour to pass through, allowing the skin to breathe,

    Very good quality concentrated adhesive, sticks properly and gives long-lasting adhesive action.

    Adhesive protected by special release film to enhance smooth unrolling, easy application, and long storage life.

    Easy to remove, because of thin-non-adhesive edges and leaves no residue after removal.

    An ideal bandage where support, immobilization & pressure is required.

    Areas of Use :

    General Surgical, Orthopedic and sports injuries.

    Extremely convenient when used as a pressure dressing.

    Very useful as a light compression bandage for muscular support.

    Can be used for dislocation & injuries to tendons and muscles.

    Colour : Flesh Colour (With or without Centre Line) available.

    Available sizes:

    6 Cm X 4/6 Mtrs.

    8 Cm X 4/6 Mtrs.

    10 Cm X 4/6 Mtrs.

    8 Cm X 1 Mtr.

    10 Cm X 1 Mtr.




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