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IV Cannula Fixator

Product Code : BSD-0038-0002

We are top Cannula Fixator Manufacturers in India. Best price and high quality have helped us to be the largest IV Cannula Fixator Manufacturers in India. We offer OEM for IV Cannula Fixator. We use high quality elastic adhesive bandage to produce Cannula Fixator. We can do the packing and labeling as per customer and/or project requirements.

Product Information

Elastic Adhesive IV Cannula Fixator is shaped well to give a perfect grip over the I.V. Cannula during hospitalization.

Good aesthetic appeal due to woven fast edges.

Moisture-responsive High Moisture Vapor Transmission rate Film.

Low allergy grid pattern adhesive.

Porous adhesive to allow skin breathing.

Easy and Painless remove, because of thin-non adhesive edges and leaves no residue after removal.

The IV Cannula fixator fastens the tube firmly to the skin, whilst the pad covers the point of injection. The dressing allows air and humidity to pass freely.

The Material used does not irritate the skin and no traces of the adhesive remain on the skin after removal.

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