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Medicated Adhesive Dressing Bandage

Medicated Adhesive Dressing Bandage Manufacturers in India

Medicated Adhesive Dressing Bandage

Product Code : BSD-0103-0066


Product Information

It consists of a medicated pad placed at the center of a self-adhesive backing substrate (usually cloth or plastic) of different shapes and sizes.

The application:

Providing first aid protection against superficial injuries, minor cuts, and bruises. Dressing absorbs light secretions and exudates.

These features include:

Pads are impregnated with Benzalkonium Chloride solution I.P. (equivalent to 0.5% w/w) and permitted food-grade dye. Nonadhesive film is laminated over the pad

In order to facilitate better breathing, perforations are provided in the material.

A good adhesive property provides instant film adhesion.

Skin Tolerance: This adhesive recipe is specifically formulated to cause the least irritation to the skin.

The amount of active ingredients (Benzalkonium Chloride) and performance of adhesive backing is uniformly maintained at desired levels throughout the shelf life.


Strip size: 19 mm x 70 mm

Spot size: 25 mm dia round

Square size: 37 mm x 37 mm

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