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Adhesive Tape

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Adhesive Tape

Product Code : BSD-0002-0002


Product Information

Zinc-oxide Adhesive Tape.

A suitable cloth of cotton or rayon or both is mixed with self-adhesive mass containing zinc oxide and spread evenly. With non-toxic dyes, the cloth is finished with a good white or flesh (skin) colour.

These features include:

  • Suitable for all skin types and climates
  • It is easy to unwind and use.
  • Skin-friendly adhesive with minimum irritation potential
  • It is not recommended for skin types that are allergic to natural rubber.
  • Adhesion is strong. To secure dressing materials to the skin.
  • Painless and easily removable.

Available sizes:

1.25 x 1 mtr.

2.5 cm x 1mtr.

1.25 x 5 mtrs.

2.5cm x 5 mtrs.

5cm x 5 mtrs.

7.5cm x 5mtrs.

10cm x 5 mtrs.

10cm x 10 mtrs.

2.5cm x 8 mtrs.

5cm x 8 mtrs.

7.5cm x 8 mtrs.

10cm x 8 mtrs.

2.5cm x 9 mtrs.

5cm x 9 mtrs.

7.5cm x 9 mtrs.

10cm x 9 mtrs.

2.5cm x 10 mtrs.

5cm x 10 mtrs.

7.5cm x 10 mtrs.

10cm x 10 mtrs.

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