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Plaster of Paris Bandage

Plaster of Paris Bandage Manufacturers in India

Plaster of Paris Bandage

Product Code : BSD-0042-0002


Product Information

Plaster of Paris Bandage B.P. is made from specially woven Leno Gauze evenly impregnated with the finest quality Plaster of Paris Powder that produces an even cast and excellent finish.
Leno weave fabric coated with POP mass which is more sticky & adheres to cloth more. Therefore less powder loss even when dipped in water. The more sticky powder - adheres to the layers more with each other & makes all layers in one & this one-layered cast has more than double the strength.

Features :

  • Short immersion time.
  • Extra creamy, the cream is thicker.
  • Quick Setting Time (3 to 5 Minutes)
  • Quick Saturation (3 to 5 Seconds)
  • Easy to mould with minimum powder loss
  • Lightweight cast with maximum strength
  • Perfect homogeneity leads to smooth texture
  • Load bearing capacity: Partial load after 30 minutes Full Load after 24 to 48 hours
  • Moisture-proof packaging
  • Extra Strong.

Available sizes:

10 cm x 2.7m

10cm x 2m (MOQ applicable)

10 cm x 3 m (MOQ applicable)

15 cm x 2.7m

15 cm x 3 m (MOQ applicable)

20 cm x 2.7m

20cmx3m (MOQ applicable)

20cmx2m (MOQ applicable)

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