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Absorbent Gauze Roll

Absorbent Gauze Manufacturers

Absorbent Gauze Roll

Product Code : BSD-0032-0002

We are a leading Absorbent Gauze Roll manufacturers. Best Price and lowest price have made us one of the prime Absorbent Gauze Manufacturers in India. We offer OEM on Absorbent Gauze Roll. Absorbent Gauze is available in different forms and known as Gauze Ribbon, Four Fold Gauze Roll, Roll Gauze, Gauze Roll, Gauze Bandage Roll etc. Different types and qualities are available as per customer / Project specifications.


As we are doing private labelling for various resellers and Exporters and we maintain quality while offering lowest prices many customers recognise us as a trustable Gauze roll manufacturers in India.


Product Information

Absorbent Gauze Roll.

Material: Cotton.

White Colour.

Size: 90cm x 90mtrs., 90cmx100mtrs. etc. Customized sizes available.

In roll form.



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